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Free Games Vrydag Winner is Last of the Destined


Hey all you fine looking gamers, come closer, a little closer… there you are, now I can see you just fine. Good now that I have your attention, and perhaps a little freaked out, let’s have a look at this last week’s content highlights before we reveal who is getting a copy of Destiny on Xbox One.

Right, so we had Gamers Den of course where we discussed inbound LotR: Shadow of Mordor the game not based on the movie or the books, but definitely based on the same world. We also had our very first video review looking at… Destiny. Some great work there from David (he hates Star Wars btw). Lastly we had an exclusive interview around Sunset Overdrive, and of course a hands-on. Check it out!

Right and now for the winner, that lucky person is…

Lloyd Samuels!

Congrats to Lloyd! Enjoy your copy of the game on the new Xbox One! You’ll be contacted on Monday for details. For all those that didn’t win and for those looking for something other than Destiny, read on.

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One last thanks to the guys at Megarom for being so generous around these Destiny prizes, we really appreciate it!

Next week we have a crafty game that isn’t yours, it’s mine. Make sure to enter.

Until then, enjoy the weekend and game on.

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