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Behind Closed Doors: Disney Infinity 3.0 is pretty amazing


I must admit that when Dawid signed me up for a Disney appointment a part of me sighed. I don’t have kids and normally the other Garth covers anything and everything Disney Infinity related. But I went along because hey, Star Wars characters this time, maybe I would be impressed by the toys at least right?

Man was I blown away when I stepped into a session with Disney Infinity 3.0 and not just because I got to play with myself in public. (Of course I chose the Chewbacca toy to use on my adventures, who wouldn’t?) The team working on Infinity knows that the games are not just being played by kids. In some cases, parents are playing along with them. Add in several guys around my age that grew up as stalwart Star Wars fans that want to share that love and a lot of what is going on in Infinity 3.0 makes sense.


Sure, playing in the Twilight of the Republic playset can still be done by mashing the attack button until everything is dead. Or you can take advantage of Ninja Theory’s handiwork and get some Anakin May Cry action (sorry) as you use launchers, air juggles, slams, block-breakers and a lot more to make the action feel more like something out of a movie and less like a dolt swinging a lightsaber from side to side. If lightsaber combat isn’t your thing, Chewie’s boltcaster destroys enemy ranks and uh, if you are playing in the Toy Box, it is great for farming crops. No don’t ask me how it works, but it was really fun, okay?

The Rise Against the Empire set takes you to Hoth, on one mission, where you can take down AT-ATs with a snow speeder, or you can break little toy bits off its legs and climb up and rip the D batteries out of the AT-AT, leaving it without any power and vulnerable to attack. The explorable area looks pretty huge and at this point I was telling producer Mathew Solie that I hate him for stealing all my money in future.

For Toy Box Speedway in Infinity 3.0, Sumo Digital redid all the vehicles from previous Infinity toy sets and created a drifting haven with just about every Infinity toy driving around, using power discs and crazy weapon power ups. One of the weapons works like the notorious blue shell and it really did have the same feel as Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. If you like racing, I can see some time being spent here. There are even higher CC race modes for those who want a higher-octane challenge.


There were even more Toy Box improvements, including something called Splines, which allow you to set on object to move along a set path in the level. As you can imagine, this can do anything from making rollercoasters to controlling a camera as it takes a tour of a level you built. Expect some crazy user generated content coming soon.

They showcased a LOT of Disney news at E3, enough to boggle brains and I know I should tell you more about it, but that Chewbacca figurine was staring at me. Calling to me. Summoning me for adventure.

Man I am so broke when Infinity 3.0 hits stores.

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