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MGS V: Phantom Pain graphics comparison (Hint – PC wins)


If you’re not aware, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain was developed for various formats. Below the current generation consoles are compared to last gen versions, and the PC version goes up against the PS4. It’s not hard to guess which version comes out victorious, but it’s quite interesting to see the difference between the PS4 and PS3 game in particular. It’s not all that much about the resolution (though it is lower on the PS3) but the colours, on the bionic arm of Big Boss, is completely different.

PS4 (left) vs. PS3 (right)

Xbox One (left) vs. Xbox 360 (right)

Steam (left) vs. PS4 (right)

Note: The Steam vs. PS4 images are huge, but I did not want to drop on the detail. Just press the esc button once done comparing the two.

Resolution confirmed per format by Konami:

PS3/Xbox 360: 720p/60fps
PS4: 1080p/60fps
Xbox One: 900p/60fps
PC: up to 4K/60fps

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