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Capcom shows off what Mega Man’s Legacy Collection has to offer

Mega Man Legacy Collection Feature

If you grew up playing 8-bit videogames and you’re a fan of Mega Man then this is a collection not to be missed. However if you missed 8-bit videogames growing up and are not a Mega Man fan, then this collection is definitely not to be missed!

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

The game was created to output on 1080p but still retains its 8-bit look and feel, and focuses on the Mega Man games from 1 through 6 from the Nintendo Entertainment System days.

You can expect tons of bonus content included in this collection as well, such as the Database, which details all the characters you fight in the games, their HP, attack points with their weaknesses and art of them along with their background stories. The Museum is filled with high res sketches and art that you’ll be able to zoom in on for a closer look as well as unused boss sketches. With over 1,000 pieces spanning across the 6 games in the museum that’ll be unlocked from the get go for you, you’ll be more than occupied for quite some time.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Database Mega Man Legacy Collection Museum Mega Man Legacy Collection Songs

Then there are Challenges, which is completely new in a manner of speaking, creating special challenges by taking elements from the games and creating challenging tasks for you to try and speedrun through, which you’ll be able to save your replays of.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Challenges

The game should be available digitally for the PS4, Xbox One and PC  this month for Europe but a 3DS version is slated for 2016 and a physical copy of the title planned for 2016 as well. With the delay of Mighty No 9, this should keep you going till its release, and if not, it’s sure to bring back tons of nostalgia.

Check out more in the video below with Capcom community manager Brett Elston and Mega Man Legacy Collection producer Rey Jimenez:


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Source: Polygon

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