Posted August 14, 2015 by Garth Holden in Gamers Den

Gamers’ Den – the best underrated games


We all have that one game that we love to bits that everyone else seems to be wrong about. What do you mean you don’t like game XYZ, it was amazing, the sublime way in which it handled that thing, the segue into stuff before you saved the thingajig from the masterfully written goobadook. HOW CAN YOU BE SO WRONG?

Of course, you could love a game that everyone else thinks really sucks, and you are actually in the wrong. Like Dave, he loves Kane and Lynch. Someone please send him hugs and a fruit basket.

Do you have a game that everyone else is wrong about, or that maybe got missed because it launched on the exact same day as some other title that had everyone frothing at the mouth?

Garth Holden

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