Gamers Den – Things in gaming you hated, but now love


It’s another week of Gamers Den and this time we’re looking at anything in gaming, be it a game, hardware or feature that you once never liked, and later on loved. Something that changed your opinion. Dave nearly brings a tear to our eyes when he tells us that he could not read as a child (we’re still not sure if he can as a man child), Wookiee tells us about his change of heart for a Nintendo classic and Garth continues that Nintendo trend. Me… I’m just sticking all kinds of sh!t into stuff apparently.

Sit back and let Friday take over. It’s Gamers Den time!

Married to a gamer wife who kicks my ass at most shooters. If it's got analogue thingies, with buttons that's connected to a big box I'll play it no matter the format.

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