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Nathan Drake’s character model was originally based on Johnny Knoxville…

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One of the best things about the Uncharted series is without a doubt its leading man – Nathan Drake. Nolan North breaths such life into Nathan that you almost feel like this person could exist and that you might bump into him at the grocery store. We all love Nathan but his original design was not the strapping young rouge we see today, his facial model was supposed to be based on that of Jackass star Johnny Knoxville.

After going through about 30 different voice actors Naughty Dog settled on Nolan North that is now an integral part of the series. They also settled on a more traditionally handsome looking leading man – my face was not available to use as a source for their 3D modeling at the time as I had a scheduling conflict. What do you guys think of the first design for Nathan Drake, would you have preferred a more comical looking leading man?


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