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StarCraft 2 players and coach arrested for matchfixing


The Korean eSports scene is reeling after a matchfixing scandal was discovered. A number of players and their coach have been arrested. They will also be banned from the competitive StarCraft 2 scene for life.

Prime’s head coach, Gerrard (Park Wae-Sik) and YoDa  (Choi Byeong-Heon) have been banned for life. 10 others were arrested, including  former progamer and esports journalist Enough (Seong Jun-mo), who acted as a broker.

Between January and June this year games were fixed with players intentionally losing after bets were taken on the final result.

“Since 2010, the association has worked alongside the rest of the industry to fight against the illegal betting that has continued to threaten the foundation of e-Sports,” said Korean eSports association (KeSPA).

KeSPA  was dismayed at eSports having another incident like this happen in its region, and promised to continue striving towards a healthy community with zero-tolerance of matchfixing.

The Changwon Regional Prosecutor’s office is still investigating the matter, which involves of South Korean Won. Those interested can find more details here.

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