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Want to try Hearthstone but the idea of building a deck has you down? Say hello to Deck Recipes


Not everyone is a deck builder by nature. Some people just see card synergies or inherent value in cards, like how difficult it is to get rid of a card’s effect or a card’s flexibility versus various archetypes. Some players just read that previous sentence and went “huh?” “what?”. For you, my friends, there is hope.

Deck Recipes are being added to the game to help give you an idea of a direction to take your deck in, and what cards to use if you are starting out and don’t have a large card pool / dust collection to build your way to completion. It also means less people will be reliant on netdecking, which can lead to a very stale meta as everyone is playing the exact same deck in the exact same way.

Each class will have three recipes. One is just Basic and Classic cards, and two using more advanced cards, where combos become apparent. These recipes will also change as cards rotate out of Standard format, with new cards in their place. These decks aren’t the best that they could be, but that is great because it shows you how to make a feasible deck that follows a theme, without just insisting on you having the best deck possible right from the start. As you get new cards or more dust, you can decide for yourself if a card doesn’t work for you and replace it.

Or you can find someone to ask about building decks. Just ignore the person who replies with “git gud” and ask someone who can give you proper advice until this feature hits.

Source: PC Gamer


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