Posted April 19, 2016 by Charlie Small in Humour

Reasons to NOT play Dark Souls 3


I’ve been playing a lot of Dark Souls III, so much in fact that I’ve been getting funny looks from people while I stumble around like an undead, mumbling about cinders, and ash, and embers and so on.

But, not everyone really cares about Dark Souls, and some of you might be getting a bit fed up with it being shoved in your face all the time (I’m sorry). Well, the guys over at VideoGamer decided to give you five good reasons why you shouldn’t play Dark Souls III:

The guy does have some valid, albeit humorous points, especially if you consider how some people will look at you in utter disgust if you’re not playing it as well, but lets be honest, we get that those kind of people with everything in life.

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