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Voice Actor Tuesday: Keith David


Our pick for voice actor of the week is Keith David. We’ll be very surprised if you haven’t heard of him before as he is a well-respected and well-known actor and voice actor. He’s appeared in many major movies and voiced some really high profile characters.

His deep and resonant voice is very recognisible and in high demand. He’s appeared in major movies like Platoon, The Chronicles of Riddick movies, Mr and Mrs Smith, Cloud Atlas, There’s Something about Mary, The Thing, Barbershop and Agent Cody Banks. His voice acting roles include The Princess and the Frog, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Princess Mononoke, Kaena: The Prophecy, Coraline and Archer.

His list of video game roles is┬ájust as long, with some really interesting characters. Let’s take a look:

Major roles


Other Roles


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