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Fire Emblem Fates – A Tale of Two Families: Birthright & Conquest

Fire Emblem Fates Feature Image

Nintendo UK released videos yesterday from the developers on Fire Emblem Fates. In the video we see Genki Yokota (Director), Hitoshi Yamagami (Producer), Kouhei Maeda (Director), Yusuke Kozaki (Character Design & Illustrator) and Mashario Higuchi (Producer) discussing the story, settings and design concepts of both the Hoshido characters and their kingdom as well as the Nohr characters and their kingdom. We also get to hear more about the random quests that you’ll be able to play aside from the main storyline which will allow players to gain extra experience and gold if you feel that the main storyline quests are becoming a bit too tough. Keep in mind however that this is only with Birthright, as discussed in the videos.

The videos are unfortunately not in English but are subbed. Check out the first video below discussing Hoshido and the second below that discussing Nohr.

After watching both videos we gain more of the belief that Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest are in fact separate games altogether in terms of story, characters as well as quests, and yet still remain the same with the war of two kingdoms raging on. Fire Emblem Fates will be releasing here in Europe on the 20th of May 2016. Who will you choose, Hoshido or Nohr?

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