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Free Games Vrydag Winner Gets DiRTY

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There’s very little better than a short work week… except of cause a shorter work week and holidays. Alas, a 4-day week will certainly do and now we can celebrate by enjoying the weekend with a fistful of gaming time. Better clear your current games, a certain Mr Drake releases next week. Before we give away a copy of DiRT Rally, let’s do a recap of the week that was.

There was only one full review this week, and that was for the fantastic Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright & Conquest. We did, however, have a hands-on impression of Uncharted 4, with the full review coming next week (spoiler: it’s amazing). Features this week looked at the Top Ten VR Games to look forward to, 7 reboots that reignited a franchise, our Burning Question asking how far you will go to get an achievement, and lastly our voice actor of the week, Cam Clarke. Enjoy!

And now, time for our winner… that person is:

Mohammed Abdulla

Congrats to Mohammed, you will be contacted by latest Monday afternoon. Enjoy riding DIRTY!

May is in full go and is the first month that has a LOT of good games coming out so close together, so spend wisely. As always we hope you are enjoying the content on the site and we are open to any suggestions for more content that you might like to see, so be sure to let us know via our contact page. If you don’t know already, we are also on Facebook and Twitter with a whole bunch of other social interaction. We love chatting with our readers and followers so make sure you join in the discussion.

A huge thanks to Apex Interactive for sponsoring this weeks awesome prize!

Free Games Vrydag returns next week with a game that is developed by a misbehaving animal.

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