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Oh hey, Runescape Legends is coming out on 26 May


A CCG based on the world of Runescape, Chronicle: Runescape Legends is coming out on May 26.

It has been in open beta since March and Jagex┬áhas decided to release it in full later this month. If you haven’t tried it there is still time to test out the beta and if you do so before May 15th you will get a few free card packs. We all know how good free card packs are, right?

The game is more about skill and less about luck, so you might find you have space for it, if you are playing other card games currently. I think I need to grab this and give it a go, the praise it is getting is pretty stellar.

You can sign up for the beta or learn more about this CCG on the official site, or check the Steam page out.

Source: VG 24/7

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