Posted June 14, 2016 by Daniel Viegas in Video

Gravity Rush 2 still looking Gorgeous in new Trailer

Gravity Rush feature image

The eagerly anticipated Gravity Rush 2 might not have a big presence at E3, but a new trailer and screenshots are more than enough to keep the fire burning. Prior heroine Kat returns to destroy a new evil that is threatening the stability of the universe. The trailer shows more of the fast-paced combat and movement all along a stunning backdrop and amazing score.

The original Gravity Rush was one of the PlayStation Vita’s flagship titles. Using the motion mechanic in wonderful ways for traversal and combat. It was so synonymous with the platform it was one of the Instant Game collection titles for all PS Plus subscribers. The future of the franchise was in fear due to the less than lacklustre Vita sales. A sequel has been eagerly anticipated and with it finally being announced last year, many fans rejoiced.

Gravity Rush 2 is still set for a 2016 release and while there is still time, the lack of a firm date does sting. If the thirst for some free falling madness cannot wait, Gravity Rush Remaster released February this year and we definitely recommend it, despite its flaws.

Daniel Viegas