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Voice Actor Tuesday: Charles Martinet


If you have played a Nintendo game before, you have probably heard this man’s voice. Charles Martinet, to me, is Mario. Ever since 1995, if you heard Mario speak, it was this man bringing life to the character. For a character that doesn’t really talk, Mario has a tonne of character, and that is brought to life by the screams, cheers and joyous outbursts that Charles has turned into a signature. “It’s a me, Mario!”

In fact, Charles is the voice of many of Nintendo’s characters. He voices Mario, Luigi, Baby Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and Toadsworth. His work isn’t solely limited to Nintendo. If you want to blow your mind, he is also the voice of Paathurnax, the massive dragon in Skyrim. He is also the narrator in Bit.Trip Runner.



Seriously. Paarthurnax is a really powerful, amazing dragon in Skyrim, and is pivotal to the story of the game. Voiced by the same guy who makes Mario tick. Spoiler warning if you haven’t played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Oh and I met him at E3 this year. Hearing him shout “woo hoo!” is amazing.


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