Posted July 19, 2016 by Daniel Viegas in Video

Persona 5 NicoNico Stream provides a lot to get excited about


Persona 5 is soon approaching in Japan to high anticipation. Despite the fanbase aching for more, very little has actually been shown. Snippets of gameplay over all the events are the most players get. Gamatsu provided an 18 minutes compilation of short scenes showing off the new gameplay on YouTube… and then they took it down. Luckily for us, people were quick to download the footage and save it below in a playlist format.

Check for the rest of the videos in the playlist here.

We get to see a lot in the footage with some whole new elements of the gameplay. The breakdown are smaller sections each dedicated to some aspect of the game. We see a bit of the interactions with the party members, as well as the Social Qualities (Courage, Understanding). Some side activities are shown along with some more of the stylish battle system.

The footage was leaked before the NicoNico stream. The Stream itself was teased by Atlus as giving away 7 mysteries. Now with any Atlus stream you go in with a salt shaker. The stream has just ended and somehow actually provided a good showcase. Of the 7, 3 are worth talking about. The others are pandering or straight up spoilers in one case.)

First off, we have the official opening of the game. Stylised anime visuals with the killer soundtrack always works wonders. The singing is new from prior usage of the song, but so far so good.

Moving on, for the Waifu enthusiast, Atlus got you covered! During the stream we saw the unveiling of a few new social links. Currently refered to as “Cooperation” – it is not known if the system gets a proper shake up. It might just be the Japanese versions new name. So get ready to break some hearts because players will have a few options.

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Finally, the Stream ended with a 17 minute uninterrupted gameplay feature. In the video, it shows off the battles and some of the story (all in Japanese so no issues with spoilers).

Persona 5 will be hitting Japan in September while America will have to wait for Valentines day next year. EU release is still unfortunately in limbo at the moment. Deep Silver will be publishing the game which provides some hope. With no release date yet, hopefully the gap won’t be as long as other Atlus games. The stream ended up as one of the best, so hopefully in just a few months, we can be stealing and thieving with friends and truth.

Daniel Viegas