Posted July 26, 2016 by Daniel Viegas in News

No Man’s Sky will not require PlayStation Plus to play online

No Mans Sky Feature

No Man’s Sky is 3 weeks away and that is kind of crazy to say. The long awaited space exploration game is finally coming after numerous delays and unbelievable excitement. There have been a lot of questions around NMS, from the gameplay to the scope. Players are curious, and one of the biggest questions was the nature of online play. Well developer Hello Games have given a nice little update that NMS will not require PlayStation Plus in order to play online.

One of the biggest changes to the PSN this generation, was that PS+ was no longer just a nice way to get some “free” games a month, but was actually required for online play. Sony followed in Microsoft’s footsteps with Xbox Live Gold, which has required the paid service since the launch of the Xbox 360. The fact that No Man’s Sky does not require Plus was followed the news that the game would feature offline play. It is nice that a game of experimentation allows all to partake in the 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets (yes, that is a real number) gives a new level of freedom. With such a huge want for the game, it is good to see they are covering their bases on the console side. PC requires no subscription to play online, so it is welcomed to have the same level on both systems.

No Man’s Sky is setting players for take-off on its August 10th release date locally on PS4. The PC version has received a slight delay to the 12th of August which is disappointing. Luckily it is only 2 days considering the developers have stated it will take 5 Billion years to fully explore, what is a measly 2 days?

Daniel Viegas