Posted July 27, 2016 by Daniel Viegas in News

New game teased by The Binding of Isaac Dev


Edmund McMillen, the creator behind The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, is a legend in the Indie game scene. One of the earliest break out success stories of the digital platform with two highly successful games under his belt. Now he is up to his old tricks and is teasing his new game.

The clip is only 16 seconds long but it gives us enough to go on in terms of gameplay style.  The video below shows platforming shooter in the vein of Mega Man in a circular location. A small, very McMillen-esque character fighting a creature from nightmares.

Eurogamer who were one of the first to pick up the story did get a response from McMillan. He confirmed that the project will definitely be on PC and Mac with consoles too early to confirm at this stage. Although he points to it as a big possibility. He gave a short statement where he confirmed the Mega Man meets Isaac platformer but pointed out “with really tight controls”. This untitled project also is not within the Isaac universe.

What will be an Isaac spinoff however, is the game announced earlier this year by McMillen, The Legend of Bumbo. Again, there is little to go on with McMillan saying the game would feature 3D graphics. It would also be a hybrid of a turn-based puzzle RPG, using the character power-up from the Binding of Isaac Afterbirth DLC.


McMillen is a very busy man. With these two new games and the upcoming Binding of Isaac DLC – Afterbirth+, he will be busy for a while. If you are at all curious about McMillan, we highly recommend watching Indie Game: The Movie, which might be one of the best Gaming Documentaries ever. Yes, it is be better than King of Kong!

Daniel Viegas