Posted July 28, 2016 by Daniel Viegas in News

Yakuza 0 unleashes the Dragon in the West in January

Yakuza 5 Feature

It is funny to think how just 3 years ago, the fate of a western Yakuza fan looked grim. The hopes of the popular Japanese franchise getting English translations were low. Now it is time to rejoice, following Yakuza 5’s eventual release, the new games are coming westward. The next chapter in the saga of Kazuma Kiryu, Yakuza 0 (Zero) is heading to the West on January 24th with a Physical and Digital release.


This is amazing and exciting news. We knew the PS4 exclusive Yakuza 0 was coming but this is the first time a firm date has been provided. This also marks the first entry to get a Physical Release since Yakuza 4 in 2011. Yakuza 0 is the quickest release for a Yakuza game between Japan launch and worldwide. Clocking at just under a year, this beats out the other games that often took over 12 months for translation. That is not even counting the 3 years it took Yakuza 5 to make it.

Yakuza 0 will be the earliest entry in the franchise based on chronological order. Set it 1988, players get to play as a young Kazuma. This will go into his transformation from street punk into the dragon himself. Yakuza 0 also marks the first game in the mainline series to feature a playable Goro Majima, one of the most popular characters in the franchise. He was playable in the zombie spinoff Yakuza: Dead Souls, but getting to work with him in the base systems is very welcomed.

If you have never played the Yakuza games, first of all, shame on you. They are hybrid genre games where they are a little bit of a lot. A JRPG, mixed with Beat em Up Action gameplay with an open world and quest system. These are massive games and are very unique with the amount of depths and systems. If you have never played Yakuza, you will have your chance next month! Yakuza 5 has been confirmed as the free PS+ game for August. It might be a little daunting, but we fully recommend giving it a shot. Really, what have you got to lose besides the over 100 hours within the game?

Daniel Viegas