Posted August 31, 2016 by Jarred Milner in Video

Video: PES 2017 gameplay in detail


One of the most incredible things that ties in with the PES franchise is the amazing community that is devoted to the game. One of the most gifted people I have seen is Weedens on YouTube. His videos are spectacular and are a great way of checking out the more detailed aspects of the game.

With PES about to release I figured it’s a perfect time to highlight his latest work that is a video on the gameplay in PES. The video below is the first in his series that focuses on the pitch, control and emotion that will be found in the upcoming release. It’s a great video that shows off how good the Fox Engine really is, and how much power Konami and the PES team are getting out of it. Enjoy the video below and make sure to subscribe to his channel, it’s well worth it I can assure you.

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