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How do you decide which console to get a game on?


As you can tell, this question really only relates to those of you who have multiple consoles, and in particular (I suppose) the PS4 and the Xbox One. The question comes out of a discussion I have had all too often with some gaming friends on a whatsapp group when we try to decide which console to get an upcoming multiplayer release on, but I think the question stands for single player games too.

A bit of history for me… in the previous gen I mostly bought my games on the Xbox 360. Truth be told I was a proud Xbox Fanboi of note. All my multiplayer games were on Xbox 360 without question and anything that was multiplatform was bought on Xbox 360 unless there was a huge problem with the game on the console and I was forced to get it on PS3. I can’t remember that happening too much at all if I am honest. PES was probably the only multiplatform game I made sure to get on PS3, because it was that much better. Essentially, the PS3 was for exclusives only, case closed.

Since the PS4 and Xbox One released I have matured, and I am a lot more balanced in my approach. Though I give my good friends that work at MS a hard time about the console (I really do) I honestly love both consoles equally. I think they are awesome, and there are pros and cons on both sides. And because of that, I find deciding which console to get a game on a lot harder.

The discussion (sometimes argument) on the chat group usually centres around which game will perform better. For a lot of the games, at the moment, that seems to be the PS4 with its slightly stronger capabilities. However, even that is negligible at times. I always tell myself I will buy the best version of a product if it is on both consoles, but that doesn’t entirely hold true if I can’t actually tell the difference when I see it.


Another consideration is the control. While the 360 control was years ahead of the DS3 and made a big difference, I don’t mind the DS4 at all and it’s a very close battle that for me. The XBO control is definitely a better control, but not so much that it affects the experience for me.

Online functionality is another consideration, and again while the 360 was miles better than the PS3 it’s not so far apart anymore. I actually find both the XBO and PS4 online experience to be pretty similar with frustrations on both sides occasionally, but mostly it just works and I am happy with it. If I had to choose one online platform, at the minute it would probably be the PS4 only because lately we have been having issues with Destiny on the XBO, but it’s nothing serious and Overwatch, for example, works perfectly.

So what else is there to consider? I suppose where your friends are playing the game makes a big difference, which is why we have our group. If everyone is getting it on one console you don’t want to have it on another because finding people to play with consistently becomes tricky. Thankfully we are quite evenly split so that doesn’t happen too often either.

When it comes down to it, I don’t mind a game on either console. There are exceptions of course, PES still runs much better on the Sony console, and allows for option files which are important, while the XBO does not, so it’s a no brainer. FIFA on the other hand runs better on XBO and has some advantages there. Those are the only two games I think I buy that are set in terms of where I play them. Everything else is fair game.

What about you? How do you decide which console to get a game on? Is it down to a console preference? Online experience? Control? Friend group? Perhaps certain games have a nostalgic value on a particular platform? Let us know how you decide!

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