Posted September 7, 2016 by Dawid Venter in Breaking News

Super Mario Run is officially heading to iOS


It’s finally happened! Mario will appear on the iPhone in Super Mario Run by the end of this year. This was officially announced the at Apple conference a short while ago by the great man himself – Shigeru Miyamoto. The app will have a “set price” and it’ll function like many other iPhone apps whereby Mario will automatically run to the right.

My tapping the screen Mario jumps to either collect coins or jump on foes. Hold your thump on the screen longer and he’ll jump higher. Something else that makes this very unique is that it’s the first game in Mario’s history (that’s a long history) that allows you to play the game using one hand. There’s also a battle mode called Toad Rally where you will compete against players for a high score.

The good news is that Miyamoto said that players won’t have to pay to continue playing the game. In other words – there’s likely no microtransactions at play. That’s good news.

We’ll have to wait for more news to see if it might tie into the Miitomo app or any of Nintendo’s planned NX features. Here are some screenshots:


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