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Battlefield 1 is EA’s biggest beta ever



Who knew a beta version of a game about World War 1 would be popular? According to EA, the Battlefield 1 Beta is their best beta in the company history. The beta, which ran from 30 August to 8 September, had roughly 13.2 million gamers playing the game – that’s an extremely impressive number for any version of a game.

The stats went a little further as well. EA posted an infographic detailing some very interesting statics, such asĀ 62.2 million kills while on horseback and Assault being the most used class.

Check out the infographic below.

Battlefield 1 infographic

I must say, I haven’t actually been interested in Battlefield 1, but seeing as 13 million people played the beta, maybe I should consider playing this game. I’m still a big fan of Star Wars Battlefront, so I may enjoy it in the end. Battlefield 1 is available from 21 October 2016, so make sure you’re ready for it when it releases.

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