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8 Great Siblings in Video Games


At long last it’s my turn to do the list, and it’s a list I’ve been itching to cover for a while now. I was inspired to do this post while watching my niece and nephew play together and noticed how similar they were to how I used to play with my sister when we were kids. Siblings, especially rivalries, have been a plot device used in many movies and video games. So I took a look at the games I’ve played to find some of the most iconic siblings. I do have one rule though, one sibling must be playable.

Mario and Luigi – Super Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi

The Mario Brothers are definitely the most famous siblings in video game history. Mario and Luigi have been a staple in the industry since Super Mario Bros. I remember purposely wanting to play the second player as I’ve always preferred Luigi. The two have appeared in numerous video games together and in their solo games. What makes this particular duo so wonderful is that they’re always cheerful and fun to be with unless you’re gunning for first place in Mario Kart…

Juliet, Cordelia and Rosalind Starling – Lollipop Chainsaw

Starling Sisters

Lollipop Chainsaw is and will always be one kickass zombie slaying game. In the game, you play Juliet Starling, who must save her hometown from zombies on her birthday. Helping her fight the zombies are her sisters: Cordelia and Rosalind Starling. The three make a great team when it comes to smashing skulls. They’re a well-rounded zombie fighting team with Juliet doing all the melee combat with her chainsaw, Cordelia (the eldest sister) kicking ass from afar with her sniper rifle and Rosalind destroying everything in a vehicle or with explosives. The three have great screen chemistry and wonderful comedic timing. A great display of crazy and awesome.

Lightning and Serah – Final Fantasy XIII


I’m probably going to get some flak from the Final Fantasy XIII haters, but you know what, so what? The entire story of Final Fantasy XIII revolves around the love Lightning has for her sister and the lengths she’s willing to go to save her. In the game, Serah is cursed and turned into a Fal’Cie, a person who is given great power but must perform a specific act. If they do not do this act, they will turn into a monster. If they complete the act, they are turned into crystal. Lightning and her cohorts go above and beyond to save Serah and the world of Cocoon. In the second game, the sisterly love returns, only this time, it’s Serah who’s going out to save Lightning.

Solid Snake and Liquid Snake – Metal Gear Solid

Solid and Liquid

You knew this was coming. You can’t talk siblings and not mention the ultimate feud between Solid and Liquid Snake. I was tempted to include Solidus, but his pluck was mainly with Raiden and not the other members of the Les Enfants Terribles project. The feud between Solid and Liquid starts with Metal Gear Solid, where the two brothers meet and duke it out in the best possible way ever. There are a total of three boss fights between the two of them in the first game alone. Being clones of Big Boss, both of them feel short-changed and both want to best the other, especially Liquid. *SPOILER INCOMING IF YOU’VE NOT PLAYED MGS4*. Their feud carries on, even after Liquid dies and pretty much ends in Guns of Patriots, with Old Snake punching the lights out of Liquid Ocelot. *END SPOILER* It’s a brotherly feud that’s spanned three games (chronologically speaking) which ends on a very high climatic moment.

Dante and Vergil – Devil May Cry

Dante and Vergil

Now that we’ve covered clones, let’s cover twins. Dante and Virgil’s relationship has always been a tricky one. If you’ve played Devil May Cry 3, you’ll know just how angry both of them are. Being the sons of a big-time demon may have its advantages when it comes to demon killing, but not so much with brother killing. Although they are twins, Vergil and Dante are completely different. Dante, despite being a womaniser, embraces his human half (from his mother) and wants nothing more than to smite demons. Vergil, on the other hand, embraces his demonic half and wants to gain more power. With the two having such opposing views, it’s inevitable that a fight would happen, and it does in DMC3, the prequel that kicks off the series. Their brotherhood is once again tested in the DmC reboot, where you get to see Vergil’s fall from grace. It’s an interesting relationship and one I’d like to see more of.

Nathan and Sam Drake – Uncharted 4

Sam and Nate

The Uncharted franchise is one of the best I’ve played. I recently played Uncharted 4 and thought I’d add Sam and Nate to the list. When I first played the game I wasn’t really a big fan of Sam. I thought he was generic, a plot device and a convenience for a fourth game. However, after playing the game again, and replaying the Mansion chapter (when they’re kids) I really liked their dynamic. There’s a lot of caring on both sides and a kind of brotherly tenderness that you don’t often see in video games. Sure, Sam does grow up to be an asshole, but teen Sam is such a great big brother to Nate that I just had to add them on this list.

Polom and Porom – Final Fantasy IV

polom and porom

Adding these two to this list almost brings tears to my eyes. If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy IV, you’ll know exactly why. You think Final Fantasy VII or VIII was heart-breaking? Try this game. Polom and Porom are probably the most loveable twins you’ll ever find in a game. They’re also the youngest playable characters in Final Fantasy. Porom, the sister twin, is a very talented white mage often grounding her hot-headed brother. She’s wise beyond her years and willing to sacrifice herself for those she cares about. Polom, the brother twin, is a talented black mage who has an ego the size of a Bahamut. The two clearly care for each other immensely and extremely useful in battle despite their age. As characters, though, they often provide comedic relief and bring a lot of lightness to the game. There’s also a very powerful moment late in the game involving these two, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello – TMNT


So I’m ending off with the biggest cheat ever, and using the ultimate brother gang: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’ve never met anyone who said they didn’t like the Ninja Turtles. Donatello, Mikey, Raphael and Leo have been wiping the floor of Shredder and his Foot clan for decades. These four have appeared on arcade machines, NES, SNES, handhelds, SEGA Genesis and just about every other console. Michael Bay may be ruining the Turtles for everyone, but at least we can still play TMNT: Turtles in Time. Now, let’s get some pizza.

That’s my list folks, who would you add to it?

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