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Which associate in Mafia 3 should you side with? We tell you


Our review for Mafia 3 will be live tomorrow, but for now we’re going to take the time to tell you about the importance of choosing the right associate to side with. Each associate brings something unique to the table and Lincoln Clay, who you play as, can do with their assistance. The real question is who you should choose? Who can best aid you in bringing down the Mafia?

You’ll get to meet three main associates, though there are another three who are linked to them. Our focus will remain purely on the three who can assist you with important upgrades. Every time you do some work for an associate or offer them a new district to take control of you’ll reap some rewards. This rewards system works like a balance scale. You’ll gain rewards for whoever you awarded a new district, but you’ll possibly lose some rewards from the other two who are not at all happy with your decision. Should you lose their trust they’ll betray you and start a war with you, so best keep all of them happy as best you can.

Your decision comes down to your style of play. Here is a breakdown of what to expect:



Out of the three associates she’s the most vindictive. She does however bring some amazing attributes with her. If you have a tough time with witnesses running to the cops she’s the one you want on your side. She can shutdown phones for up to five minutes and the ability, later on in the game, to reload your weapons at a faster rate is a massive improvement when in the thick of battle. Below is the (and for the rest of the associates you’ll see that money they have to earn in their rackets to receive any particular upgrade, so choose wisely):

$30,000 – Screaming Zemi
$60,000 – Gunsmith: Improved Accuracy
$100,000 – Operator: Shuts down phones for 2 minutes
$140,000 – Gunsmith: Increased Ammo Capacity
$180,000 – Screaming Zemi (Smoke)
$220,000 – Gunsmith: Improved Stability
$270,000 – Operator: Shuts down phones for 5 minutes
$320,000 – Screaming Zemi (Exploding)
$370,000 – Gunsmith: Faster Reload
$420,000 – Operator: Kills phones and calls your backup

Thomas Burke


The drunk Irish car mechanic comes with some amazing unlockables. He’s crucial to evading the cops. Whenever you find yourself in a tough situation and surrounded by cops (and those blue circular police zones) he’ll help you clear those. Later on in the game when the cops have it in for you he’s definitely the right person to have on your team. The ability to steal cars, without notifying any witnesses, when in the middle of a stressful situation is invaluable.

$0 – Vehicle Delivery: Vehicles dropped at your location
$30,000 – Clear blue police zones, police ignore crimes for 30 seconds
$60,000 – Marks nearby cops on your map
$100,000 – Arms dealer now sells explosives
$140,000 – Clear blue police zones, police ignore crimes for 2 minutes
$180,000 – Steal cars undetected
$220,000 – Clear all police zones, police ignore crimes for 2 minutes
$270,000 – Carry more explosives
$320,000 – Clear all police zones, police ignore crimes for 5 minutes
$370,000 – Steal occupied cars quietly
$420,000 – Clear all police zones, police ignore crimes for 10 minutes

Vito Scaletta


Once part of the Italian mafia, Vito is the man who brings the force you require to take over any turf. His men will make short work of the Mafia, especially when they come barging in with a shotgun once you reach $220,000. He also increases your health bar, improves your stamina and allows you to carry additional adrenaline that can be the difference between winning and losing any battle. Without him you’ll never improve the stats of Lincoln, which just about makes him the most important associate of the lot.

$0 – Stash your cash in your safe from anywhere
$30,000 – Call in armed backup
$60,000 – Additional health bar
$100,000 – Carry additional adrenaline
$140,000 – Locate enemies nearby, collect kickback
$180,000 – Improved stamina and health recovery
$220,000 – Call in heavier backup
$270,000 – Additional health bar
$320,000 – Improved stamina and health recovery
$370,000 – Call in 4 man kill squad
$420,000 – Max health bars

From what I’ve played I think Cassandra and Burke requires two turfs each, but Vito should be the one you max out as the max health and improved stamina and health recovery is a major bonus when you reach the climax of the game. If you really do have a tough time with cops then you should opt for Burke. If however you’re a one-man team then you’re going to need that fast reload feature from Cassandra.

So who is best? In my opinion Vito is the guy you should side with. Whatever you do – don’t upset one of your associates so much that they turn against you early on. It’ll be detrimental to your progress.

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