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Sleeping Dogs Developer, United Front Games, shuts its doors

sleeping dogs

United Front Games, the studio behind the sometimes underrated Sleeping Dogs has reportedly shutdown.

The studio was busy making an early access Steam game called Smash + Grab, which was available for free over the weekend, with a small price added to it to be able to play beyond Sunday. The game has now been removed from the sale on Steam.

United Front Games was an independent studio, that created games for several publishers. It was formed in 2007, and its first release was the PS3 exclusive ModNation Racers and Little Big Karting. It went on to produce its most successful game for Square Enix, Sleeping Dogs. Last year, a spin off MMO of Sleeping Dogs called Triad Wars, was cancelled.

There’s currently no further details as to why United Front Game has shut down. I enjoyed the few games that they developed, and it is sad to see them go. We wish all the staff and developers affected by this closure all the best going forward.


Source: Gamespot

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