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Free Games Vrydag Winner Infinited

Infinite Warefare FGV 001

It’s Vrydag, baby, and I think you lovely folks have some big plans for the coming weekend. I think the majority of us are going to fill our tubs up with ice and just stay there for a while and maybe use that same ice to fill up some brandy glasses. Or just play games, eat a load of unhealthy stuff and watch series with about 60% of your belly exposed to the elements. If you’ve planned to play some games, then you’re in luck because it has been a fruitful last few weeks. Here’s what this week looked like on the site:

Reviews this week were dominated by the two big shooty-bang games of the year, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, things then got goofy with Disney Magical World 2 and Charlie danced his little heart out in Just Dance 2017. Zain also revisited a spooky castle in this week’s Blast from the Past with Castlevania on the NES. Jarred gave us his last article (we’ll miss you, buddy) with a hands-on of Football Manager 17 that I still can’t understand. For features this week, Dawid looked at 7 EA games that would look awesome in the Frostbite engine as well as ask if the annual game release format is sinking. I explored multiplayer-only games and how we are maybe heading into a multiplayer-only graveyard. We discovered that Frodo was also Spyro the Dragon and the Burning Question for this week asked if the Wii U was worth it.

Phew, quite the busy week over here in SA Gamer Land. And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the winner of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. The lucky winner is *drumroll*:

Kaveshan Kistan

Congrats to Kaveshan, you will be contacted on Monday afternoon on the latest to get your prize to you! Have fun shooting people in space!

November has now officially arrived. It’s a fresh new month, we’ve had some changes over here at SA Gamer, but we’re super excited for the future and you should be too. We continue to appreciate our lovely community of readers who sometimes pop in to have a chat with us in the comment section and on the forum. Keep it coming and don’t be afraid to join in the conversation. We don’t bite (maybe Dave will…) Remember, you can find us on our Twitter and Facebook pages as well whenever you’d like to ask something or maybe suggest an article for us to do. November is going to be a big month in terms of game releases and it’s alright to be excited. I know I am.

Massive thanks to Megarom and Activision for sponsoring this week’s prize!

Free Games Vrydag will be sneaking back next week featuring a very dishonorable game.

Marko Swanepoel