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Free Games Vrydag Winner Dishonored


Well, that was the easiest title pun ever, thanks Arkane Studios.

It’s Vrydag ya’ll! Take off your shirts and throw them in the air and maybe send me pictures. This week was a big one in the Outside World with the whole election spectacle happening across the pond. We all cried/rejoiced and our social media feeds were just the best time. But you know what, even with all of this going on and the uncertainty that came along with it, we can still play games. That counts for something. And what a great time it is to play games. The only thing limiting you right now is your bank account when it comes to incredible games that are releasing right now.

Speaking of, we had a cavalcade of reviews this week. We took a look at the robot-hopping Titanfall 2, finished off Agent 47’s season with a review of Hitman: Episode 6 – Hokkaido, got some nostalgia in the World of Final Fantasy, went farming with Farming Simulator 17 (I still have flashbacks), hit the town with The Sims 4 City Living and returned to the world of dragons and sweetrolls with Skyrim Special Edition. Dawid was also forced to relive some horror with this week’s Blast from the Past, Batman Forever. May Gordon Freeman have mercy on his tattered soul. We got some time with the objectively best part of The Witcher 3 that was turned into its own game, Gwent. Dawid let us know that he has never enjoyed gaming quite as much as he does now, which we are all probably inclined to agree with. Kyle highlighted five horror game tropes that need to die in a fire. In this week’s Burning Question, I asked whether you think of yourself as a casual gamer. Our voice actor for this week was Clancy Brown who you might also know as the God of Hell.

And now for the moment that you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath. The winner of Dishonored 2 is none other than the beautiful:

Craig Guild

Huge congratulations to Craig, we will get in touch with you on Monday afternoon to get some information from you to send your prize. Have fun sneaking around/killing every single person that looks at you funny.

Once again, this was a tough week in the world. Tensions were high, things got intense and to top it all off, a big part of our country was under water (seriously folks, be safe out there). However, we can take solace in our consoles and PCs during any tumultuous time by transporting ourselves to a different world and forgetting about the one we are in right now for a little while. It’s the weekend, kick up your feet and have some fun. As always, feel free to have a chat with us on our social media, leave some comments or post in our wonderfully colourful forum. We are always willing to have some enlightening discussion or just make some dumb jokes.

Huge thank you to Ster Kinekor and Bethesda for sponsoring our sneaky prize this week!

Free Games Vrydag will be back next week. You might have to watch out for some dogs though.

Marko Swanepoel