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Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect screenshots & gameplay footage


Square Enix and Silicon Studio are working together to bring Bravely Default to our mobile phones. The announcement was recently made with a few players being lucky enough to get their hands on the closed beta and provided some gameplay footage and screenshots. Although I do not play that much on my mobile I have to admit if this does ever come to Europe it will most definitely be on my list of games to play. Unforunately no other information was provided on the game but from the screenshots we can clearly see a character customization screen, an image that reflects a towns square, which seems to have a message board set up that I am hoping is perhaps a quest board as well as a few screenshots of a battle taking place. The 14-minute gameplay footage below the screenshots however show us a little more. The town square seems to be a commons area for human players and also seems to house stores for item purchases. Check out the screenshots and gameplay footage below.

The game is set for iOS and Android for 2017. Unfortunately only Japan has been slated to receive it for now.


Source: Gematsu

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