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The Burning Question: Who’s your least favourite douchebag in video games?


Recently, I’ve been re-playing The Walking Dead in preparation for season 3, and I was reminded of two particularly a$$holy characters: Larry and Kenny. Both characters have some redeeming quality, but they’re still both mega douchebags, and pretty much inspired this post. Now, what do I mean by douchebag? Pretty much someone who is rude and obnoxious.

While I don’t appreciate jerkish and rude people in the real world, they do serve a purpose in a story. Firstly, it’s probably a contrast to the protagonist, who the game makers want to look good at all times. Secondly, douchy people exist and if you’re creating a narrative-driven game, you’re more than likely going to meet one, because it will make the story more interesting.

kenny the walking dead

In The Walking Dead‘s case, Kenny’s a$$hole character comes out in full bloom after Chapter 3, he yells, drinks and blames pretty much everyone in the group. Larry on the other hand, is a big ol’ jerk from the get go when you meet him in chapter one.

There are a few other video game characters that I consider to be a douchebag, Renegade Shepard in Mass Effect being one of them. I’ve always hated playing a Renegade character as some of the stuff he/she says when selecting the renegade option is a bit off. This, though, is based on my personal feelings as it’s in conflict with my character.

Captain Qwark

Captain Qwark is another example, however, I actually like him as he provides a different kind of humour to the Ratchet and Clank games. He’s still a crappy person, who is constantly taking credit for Ratchet’s heroic deeds, brags about everything and generally acts entitled all the time.

There are a few more *cough* Kratos *cough* but I’d like to hear from you who you think a giant douchebag is? They don’t need to be villains either, they could be a party member or a minor character. Whoever you think is an ass in a video game, qualifies.

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