Posted November 25, 2016 by Marko Swanepoel in Free Games Vrydag

Free Games Vrydag Winner Stabbed


Whoa, the person wasn’t actually stabbed… I hope.

It’s Vrydag folks! It’s a particularly Black one as well. You’ve no doubt seen the tussle and bustle surrounding Black Friday and all of the wallet culling that has been going on throughout the day. It’s still going on as I speak and you can head over to our Sales post to see some sweet deals that might cause you to be poor/divorced. Other than that, we are inching ever closer to the holidays and with all of these deals, we will have some awesome games to play while we take some much needed time off. The End of November Lul is in full effect and everyone is just being chilled out at the moment, including us.

Our reviews for this week include the hackable Watch Dogs 2 and Dawid took a journey to the past with The Need for Speed on the SEGA Saturn. Paul took a look at the five major keys of gaming, bless up. Kyle asked the burning question of who is your least favourite video game douchebag and our voice actor for the week was Hellena Taylor otherwise known as the sexy and flexible Bayonetta.

It’s no doubt that you all are excited about who the winner is of Italian Charmer Simulator 2016, otherwise known as Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection. And that person is none other than the jaw-droppingly stunning:

Aaron James

Congrats to Aaron, you will be contacted on Monday afternoon on the latest to get your prize to you! Enjoy reliving Ezio’s journey to be the best stabber around!

November is coming to a close, we are all probably poor by now and the end-of-the-year gaming rush has relaxed a little to give us time to breathe and finally play all of these dang games. Remember to join in on the conversation either on our social media, right here or on the forum, we always appreciate feedback or knowing we’re not alone when spending food money on shooting games.

Massive thanks to Megarom and Ubisoft for sponsoring this week’s prize!

Free Games Vrydag is returning next week in full force! You might think that winning it is a fantasy, but nothing is final until all is said and done.

Marko Swanepoel