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A look inside the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition


What feels like forever ago, Square Enix announced the various editions that Final Fantasy XV would have. I spotted the Ultimate Collectors and I knew I had to have it. I started calling retailers and even the distributors about it. Then I was told that we would not be getting the big bad version in South Africa.

I was pretty gutted by this, and even ended up writing a letter about it. Not long afterwards I was told that SA would be getting the Ultimate version, but a limited number of them. When I finally got confirmation that my order for one was secure, things felt good. The paying for it over several months? Not as good, but I had something to look forward to. Now it is finally here.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Ultimate Collector’s edition of FFXV. I thought a few people would be interested in taking a peek inside:


The box inside opens up to reveal two large boxes, a plain black one with the Noctis Play Arts Kai figurine, and a box containing the artbook and the two steelbooks. The second box is wrapped in art by Yoshitaka Amano, and the first pages of the artbook open out into a four-page gatefold that shows the whole box’s wrap.





The artbook is a pretty hefty hardcover with art detailing the main characters, the summons, enemies, weapons, locations and various things you will see in the world.

ffxvce7 ffxvce8
ffxvce9 ffxvce10ffxvce11

The two steelbooks hold the game disc, Brotherhood, Kingsglaive and a soundtrack disc, all on Blu-ray.





(You will notice the game disc isn’t there because it is in my PS4, where it will live forever.)

Then we get to Noctis, who comes in an opaque black box, unlike the normal Play Arts Kai which are boxed with display windows. He comes with a spear and his longsword.

ffxvce18 ffxvce19 ffxvce20 ffxvce21 ffxvce22 ffxvce23 ffxvce24

The detail on the weaponry is amazing as is the finer detail of Noctis’ shirt and the pouches on his pants.

The game comes with this message from the team, and it really hit a heart string when I saw it. Instead, I want to say “No, thankΒ you!”. I can’t wait to play more of this game, as yesterday was mostly devoted to opening this, a crazy video with Dave and watching Brotherhood and Kingsglaive. In fact, I think I, yep, I just ran out of data on the last day, really sad that I can’t work anymore, right?


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