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The Burning Question: Are you an Angry Gamer?


Has there ever been a moment where you’re grinding through a particularly tough level in a game, got so frustrated that you end up filing your teeth down, snarling at the screen with a clinched fist? Then, you discover just as you died, that you forgot to save your progress and instinctively hurl your controller, keyboard or mouse at your poor screen as if it was the cause of your current state of emotional distress? Have you been in a multiplayer game when faced with an opponent that you consider to be the Justin Bieber of online gaming and get nerfed by them every single time, which drives you to the point where you’d do a public broadcast of the antics you and said douche’s mother got up to last night?

Well, we’ve got the cure for YOU!

(Not really, there is no cure, but you might be suffering with anger management issues, just sayin’)

I’ve had my fair share of moments of uncontrollable emotional outbursts at a few games and opponents in online arenas. Not to the extent where I break electronics though. Only pencils, tooth picks and empty soft drink cans have felt my rage. Oh, and a little Batman figurine who I blasted with a multitude of profanity that would make Gordon Ramsay look like an alter boy.

Let me take you back to the days of PlayStation One with 8mb memory cards. The game? Metal Gear Solid. The level? You’re faced with Psycho Mantis. No game FAQs, no detailed web source with all the info needed to defeat the bastard. He starts swapping the controls around, telling you about your favorite games (that creeped me the f@!k out) and you’re left trying to get to grips with this, and this is your first encounter. A couple of retries later and you finally get to rip his mask off just before death, breathe a sigh of relief and air punch in jubilation. Yeah, he might not be the hardest boss in the game, but being faced with all the “mind reading” tricks and controller manipulation, it took a bit of getting used to. So I decide to go get a refreshing beverage form the fridge and returned to the console. I then decided to save my progress, accessing the menu and selecting the memory card slot. But… it’s not showing. “WTF?” I think to myself. Take it out, shake it, blow on it, praise it and beg for sweet mercy… But, it’s too late. It’s given up the ghost. All your hard work… GONE!

My own personal hell

A  joyous moment turns to mud in your mouth. I took a Doc Marten from the side of my bed, placed the soul destroying memory card on the pavement in the sweltering heat and smashed it, over, and over, and over, until the next-door neighbour comes out to hear what all the fuss is about. After the last “F” word stopped echoing through the neighbourhood, I snapped back to reality (no 8 Mile reference, sorry), looked at my sweaty blistered hands and the remains of the memory card and slowly made my way back inside. “What have I become?”. I eventually got another memory card, did another playthrough and swiftly dealt with Mantis and saved about 6 times just to be sure. This was my first rage ever, and it has been the biggest one I’ve ever had.

Whew, that was quite a load off. I’m sure some of you have similar experiences during your gaming session, feel free to share them.

If you don’t… well, I guess I might need to go see someone about this.

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