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Four (more) composers who bring our gaming worlds to life


When I wrote a list of composers who bring video games to life with their music, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I ended up back on the topic with more musicians that know how to turn my world on its head, or how to pluck tears straight from the deepest reaches of our existence, where heart and soul converge. Here are four more composers that have made some of the biggest moments in gaming come to life.

Greg Edmonson


Greg Edmonson primarily works as a  composer for film and television. He did the soundtrack for Firefly and brought the Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 to life. I can still hear Nate’s Theme in my head whenever I think of him and his escapades.

Just listen to how he creates tension and energy here:

Gareth Coker


It is hard to listen to Gareth Coker’s works without a tear trying to escape. His light touch brought the beautiful but sad Ori and the Blind Forest to life. Just hearing the piano and Aeralie Brighton’s vocals makes me mist up a bit.

It isn’t all sadness though. Listen to this piece, which feels like sunlight has being plucked and combed into pure joy.



If you are not into 4X games, there is a chance you haven’t heard of FlyByNo. This artist has painted the musical canvas for most of the Endless series of games, including Endless Legend, Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless.

Endless Legend is set on a world that is dying. As you build your civilisation the already brutally long winters just get longer and longer as the world descends towards a new ice age. Ancient ruins and temples, left by a proto civilisation might hold the key to saving the world, or leaving it and travelling among the stars.

When you are playing a 4X game and each game takes several hours, you need a great soundtrack and FlyByNo provides.

Steve Jablonsky


Steve Jablonsky is a music composer for film, television and video games. He did the musical scores for the Transformer film series and  The Island. His video game work is pretty varied. I mean, who doesn’t know this theme from Gears of War 2?

Believe it or not, and tell this to a Gearshead, he is also the man behind the catchy music of The Sims 3. Here is that game’s theme:

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