Posted December 6, 2016 by Zain Moosa in Video

A wild Empoleon appears in Pokkén Tournament


Bandai Namco has introduced another fighter to the battle arena in Pokkén Tournament, enter Empoleon. In the trailer below we get to see the fierce penguin battling it up with a storm of water, ice and physical attacks combined in what appears to be both agility and strength not seen in prior Pokémon titles. I know from experience that my Empoleon that I trained for competitive battle was focused more around power rather than speed. This water and steel type Pokémon is truly a power house to compete against and was my favourite starter Pokémon final evolution from the Sinnoh region.

Empoleon joins the line-up of a few other Pokémon to hit the arena in Pokkén Tournament, namely Croagunk, Scizor and Darkrai. Unfortunately these new contenders have only been updated to the arcade version and not the Nintendo Wii U as yet. This raises the question on whether or not the Wii U is actually going to receive this update, especially with the Nintendo Switch launching in March 2017. Check out the full trailer below and let us know if you’re still playing Pokkén Tournament.

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