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So, about that backlog of yours. How is it looking?


Ah yes, its the end of the year and a lot of us will be taking a well deserved break very soon. For us gamers, that means working a bit on the massive backlog of games you’ve accumulated over the years. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll probably spend most of your time playing just one game non-stop throughout the holiday break.

Last year, that game for me was Destiny, which I bought at the beginning of December, and played nothing but that for almost two months. This year, I vow to be different, I have quite a sizable backlog of games I want to get through thanks to some specials and a couple of decent titles on PSN+ and Games for Gold. Some of the games I’m actually hoping to get to this holiday are Sunset Overdrive, The Order 1886 (quick afternoon’s play), Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (PS3 game I still want to finish), and a couple of Indie titles that’s been dogging me for a while now. I have a Death March playthrough of The Witcher III with the expansions to play, I also have to finish the Halo series (yes, I know I’m late to the party) as well as Gears of War games.

So its safe to assume that I will be busy. But I’m actually curios what others’ backlog looks like. Will you be getting some time to yourself to play some of those games you’ve been aching to get to? Will you be taking a break from gaming for a bit? Or, will you be like me, promise to play a bunch of games from your backlog list, but end up playing nothing but Dragon Age Inquisition which I got for a bargain instead?

And probably buy some more stuff to add to the 2017 holiday backlog…

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