Posted December 12, 2016 by Dawid Venter in News

Just got a PS4 Pro? You should bookmark this page on Neogaf


It’s great having access to the PS4 Pro and the enhancements it brings, but in some cases it actually does not enhance the game all that much and with other titles there are no enhancements at all. So, how will you keep up with all the games releasing in 2017? How will you know that your PS4 Pro will actually play a particular game better than your standard PS4 (or Xbox One) would? There is a guy on Neogaf who put a list together that details the improvements of all games, including VR.

The big deal with this list is not that it’s been uploaded, but that they keep it maintained with the latest released games, so be sure to bookmark it if you just bought a PS4. Below you’ll find direct links to the current list to see how it might improve some games you already own:




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