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Duelyst has a small expansion on the way, with an interesting way to get all the cards


There is something magical about Duelyst that keeps me going back to it. For those not in the know, it works a lot like Hearthstone, with decks of cards based around several different generals. The biggest change though is the tactical grid that you summon and move units around on. It mixes elements from games like Final Fantasy Tactics with those of your favourite card-based brawlers and it clicks so well. On Thursday the game gets a miniature expansion, which adds 39 new cards and a new keyword: Blood Surge.

Blood Surge works just like Hearthstone’s Inspire mechanic, activating when your general uses their Bloodborn Spell. The caveat is that the Bloodborn Spell can’t be used every turn. So how do you get these new cards? Normally you can purchase an orb (card pack) for 100 gold to get five random cards. For Bloodborn you pay 300 gold for an orb, but it contains three copies of three different cards. Once you get a card from an orb, you won’t get it in an orb again, meaning if you buy 13 orbs, you will have three copies of all 39 cards. The Bloodborn cards can’t be crafted or disenchanted. If that sounds like too much gold you can buy orbs for $3 each or $20 for all 13. The $20 option will refund any gold that you spent to buy Bloodborn orbs.

Counterplay Games has revealed a few of the cards from the Rise of the Bloodborn set, which you can see below. Man I want that Drogon, such power! Duelyst is a free download on Steam.

Bloodborn1 Bloodborn2 Bloodborn3 Bloodborn4 Bloodborn5 Bloodborn6

Source: PC Gamer

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