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Dataminers found voice lines that hint at a Genji / Mercy romance


I would love a Genji x Mercy. Would that make it Gercy? I prefer Menji, you know, because it sounds like mend, or healing something. Regardless of the weird habit of melding names together to show a couple, the fans would love to see Mercy and Genji in love. It seems Blizzard feels the same way, at least if this data mine is anything to go by.

Three voice lines were dug up by dataminers that seem to point to an Easter or Valentine’s theme. Blizzard said there is no event for either occasion, but that is no reason to not have some love in the air, right?

Apparently Genji has a sweet tooth, and he asks his brother Hanzo for some. Sorry Genji, no luck.

Then Mercy says she has some chocolates for Genji, which he then offers to share with her. Yummy Swiss chocolate too.

Then Genji has a line where he gets Mercy some chocolate. Not Swiss though, but she says it will have to do.

But if Genji and Mercy are a thing, what happens to fan favourite pairing Pharah and Mercy, or Pharmercy?

Source: PC Gamer

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