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SA Gamer Awards 2016: Best FPS


2016 was a great year for shooting things in the face. In fact it was such a good year we had to split this award in twain just to showcase how crazily abundant the stock of solid Shooty McShootyface that there was to pick from. This year we are awarding a best multiplayer FPS, as well as the best singleplayer FPS game.

Best FPS – Singleplayer:



DOOM went back to its roots in a fantastic year, showing that games don’t need to have all the trappings of modern video games to do well. You play a no-nonsense character who cares more about collectible miniature versions of himself than the various other characters in the base, and he ignores most of them while trying to kill as many demons as possible. DOOM is fast, gory and becomes a deadly ballet as you strafe around combat arenas trying to kill everything as efficiently as possible. DOOM is a well-oiled machine, with music, graphics and gunplay all melding into this amazing experience as you kick hell in the pants.

Runner-up: Titanfall 2

Honourable mention: Battlefield 1

Best FPS- Multiplayer:



Overwatch took the world by storm. The beta of this game was played for more hours than most full titles will ever receive and when it released things went crazy. People who normally abhor multiplayer shooters have been captured by the wiles of Overwatch, while regular updates and new modes and characters keep things fresh. Now if anyone else would pick a healer so I can try another class, that would be great thanks.

Runner-up: Battlefield 1

Honourable mention: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

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