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SA Gamer Awards 2016: Best Sports Game

Best Sprots game

As a sport crazy nation, we tend to take pride in the play of physical and technological versions of sports we love. Endless debates can be had about who’s the better team, player or even sport. Same debate extends the large variety of video game representations of many franchises in sport.

I do love my sports. I sports myself. Sometimes, I sports so hard that I feel like I’m an undiscovered sporting legend, be it somewhat unfit, but I have sporting passion. And that’s what counts in the end, right? I wish I could submit the sports game that I like sporting with as the best sporting game of 2016, but I must give credit where sporting game credit is due.

2016 saw the return of the usual suspects to the playing field, adopting new technologies and boasting advancement in the overall offering with new dimensions to their respective industries. Some made more subtle changes, like improved graphics and slight gameplay mechanic tweaks to not break an already impressive formula.

NBA 2K17

nba 2k17 sportsing

It seems NBA 2K Basketball unstoppable winning streak continues with another slam dunk. Its dynamic control mechanics, coupled with crisp visual authenticity and gameplay, has dribbled through the competition yet again without breaking a sweat. Yeah, the MyCareer mode has a bit more corn in it than what you would find in a can of KOO, but it’s at least more bearable than it’s previous attempt. FIFA 17 had more promise than showing with its Frostbite engine which may have set expectations a bit high, yet still delivering a fairly good game seeing as it has been built on new tech. Seems that it lost out to PES 2017’s unchanged working formula and character model realism. That said, they both have their reasons for competing to be top of the log. PES 2017 leads on goal difference making it runner-up, with NBA 2k17 slam dunking it on the buzzer to take the title of Best Sports Game of 2016.

Runner-up: PES 2017

Honorable Mentions: FIFA 17, NHL 17

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