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SA Gamer Awards 2016: Best Expansion


DLC has become a bit of a bad word in the mouths of gamers during the last few years. DLC is supposed to be, in principle, a significant expansion to an already existing game after its initial release. However, DLC has become decidedly lazy. Most publishers just pump out some map packs or single missions that do not have any great significance. During the old days of gaming, games received gigantic expansions that sometimes rivalled the base game in terms of content and new features and a lot of it came down to the fact that there weren’t any easy avenues to deliver this content to gamers. They had to take special care with what they created since these expansions were going to appear on store shelves. Since it has become so easy to deliver content to players, the amount of effort put in has dropped significantly. However, there are still some shining examples of stellar expansions in 2016. Some companies just know what their players want.

For this award, there was simply no contest. The winner won unanimously and the biggest debate the team had was who was the runner-up. The best expansion of 2016 could be none other than:

The Witcher III: Blood and Wine


CD Projekt Red can honestly not do any wrong in my eyes. Their release of The Witcher III was monumental, a game that transcends the annals of gaming and takes a place as one of the most fulfilling and complex experiences you can possibly have in the medium. If that wasn’t enough, they also released two significant expansions to the game that often rival the base game’s narrative and there was so much care poured into them that they could be nothing short of incredible. Blood and Wine was a triumph. It delivered a gigantic open-world separate from the main world and its size would rival those of some other open-world titles. It was set in a beautiful Tuscany-esque setting with vineyards, colourful landscapes rich with life and architecture that would make you stop and stare for quite a while. The narrative was masterfully created with themes of revenge, love and family with some fantastical and magical elements thrown in that would take your breath away. It was so content rich that you could play for 40+ hours just to explore and experience everything. It was almost a game on its own. Scratch that, it was a game on its own. The sheer scale and complexity of it makes for an entirely separate experience, even if you do require the base game to play it. Blood and Wine was simply fantastic and well deserving of this award.

Runner-Up: Destiny: Rise of Iron

Honourable Mention: World of Warcraft: Legion

Marko Swanepoel