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Hey you, come look at some SALES!


Welcome to January, otherwise known as the Poor Month. After the holiday season and all of the games that were released during that time, the Black Friday sales and all of the bathroom kits we bought for our drunk uncles for Christmas, our wallets are feeling a bit light. Now, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are some insane sales going on right now. PSN has a gigantic January sale going on that features almost all of the games on the storefront. We excluded a lot of the bundles, DLC and Deluxe Editions since we would have been here forever trying to type everything in. Check it out to see more.

There’s not much for Nintendo owners to scream and shout about – you know, the Switch is now a thing. Xbox gamers should check out Saints Row IV: Re-Elected that’s selling for dirt cheap. Steam has some good deals going on with Watch Dogs 2, Undertale and the Red Faction franchise. Humble Bundle is wonderful this week with it only featuring games that have an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam such as Pony Island and DEADLOCK. Be sure to check back sometime next week for more games added in the bundle.

First things first, let’s see what our friend at Cheap Gamer found this week:



Guitar Hero Live Bundle (Xbox One) – R555 | Raru

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console – R6699 | Takealot

Fallout 4 (PS4) – R327 | Loot

Tales from the Borderlands (PS4/X1) – R157 | Raru


January Sale Standard Price PS+ Price 
The Last Guardian R629.00 N/A
Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection  R399.00 R352.10
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls R329.00 N/A
Battlefield 4 R109.00 N/A
Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection R549.00 N/A
 UFC 2 R469.00  R394.10
Star Wars Battlefront R249.00 N/A
Dark Souls III R469.00 N/A
Ratchet & Clank R329.00 R274.10
Until Dawn R399.00 R352.10
Mortal Kombat X R289.00 R226.10
Battlefield Hardline R109.00 N/A
Titanfall 2 R549.00 N/A
Skyrim Special Edition R629.00 N/A
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst R249.00 R156.10
Dead Rising R219.00 R186.10
Dead Rising 2 R219.00 R186.10
Dead Rising 2: Off The Record R219.00 R187.10
Bloodborne R329.00 N/A
Need for Speed R329.00 N/A
Need for Speed Rivals R129.00 R96.10
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 R329.00 N/A
DOOM R329.00 N/A
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes R69.00 N/A
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain R249.00 N/A
7 Days to Die R329.00 R282.10
No Man’s Sky R469.00 R406.10
Fallout 4 R329.00 N/A
Dying Light Enhanced Edition R329.00 N/A
Just Dance 2017 R629.00 N/A
Dirt Rally R429.00 R322.10
Rocket League R191.40 N/A
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 R779.00 N/A
F1 2016 R629.00 R522.10
NHL 17 R549.00 N/A
Mad Max R249.00 N/A
Project Cars GOTY R329.00 N/A
Borderlands Handsome Collection R269.00 N/A
WRC 6 R399.00 N/A
Ride 2 R469.00 N/A
Assetto Corsa R399.00 N/A
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization R629.00 N/A
Batman Telltale Series Season Pass R249.00 N/A
Batman Return to Arkham R469.00 R391.10
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 R399.00 N/A
Firewatch R189.00 R157.10
The Crew R249.00 N/A
Viva Ex Vivo: VR Edition R49.00 N/A
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas R119.00 N/A
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City R119.00 N/A
The Elder Scrolls Online R249.00 N/A
XCOM 2 R469.00 N/A
Darkest Dungeon R175.00 R140.10
Dragon Age Inquisition R159.00 R126.10
Unravel R129.00 N/A
Monopoly Plus R99.00 N/A
Jackbox Party Pack R159.00 N/A
Tropico 5 R159.00 N/A
The Order 1886 R329.00 R279.10
Goat Simulator R54.00 N/A
Dead Island Definitive Edition R159.00 N/A
Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition R159.00 N/A
Valentino Rossi R329.00 N/A
Canis Canem Edit R119.00 N/A
Outlast R109.00 N/A
Divinity Original Sin R249.00 N/A
Salt and Sanctuary R189.00 R160.10
Ultra Street Fighter IV R159.00 N/A
Gravity Rust Remastered R249.00 R205.10
The Escapist R109.00 N/A
Trine Enchanted Edition R89.00 N/A
Trine 2 R104.00 N/A
Trine 3 R129.00 N/A
Disgea 5 R329.00 N/A
The Technomancer R249.00 N/A
Metal Slug 3 R79.00 N/A
Zombie Army Trilogy R205.00 N/A
Duke Nukem 3D: Anniversary Edition R159.00 R127.10
Knack R99.00 N/A
Trivial Pursuit Live! R89.00 N/A
Journey R109.00 N/A
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India R69.00 N/A
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Russia R69.00 N/A
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China R69.00 N/A
Blazblue Centralfiction R399.00 N/A
Aragami R159.00 N/A
Prison Architect R199.00 N/A
Verdun R159.00 R129.10
Mount & Blade: Warbard R159.00 N/A
God Eater 2 R549.00 N/A
Senran Kangura Estival Versus R249.00 N/A
Handball 17 R399.00 N/A
Beach Buggy Racing R69.00 N/A
UNO R69.00 N/A
The Warriors R119.00 N/A
DMC4 Special Edition R289.00 R232.10
Mordheim City of the Damned R329.00 N/A
Murdered Soul Suspect R89.00 N/A
Layers of Fear R129.00 N/A
Broforce R89.00 N/A
Mega Man Legacy Collection R89.00 N/A
Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas R119.00 N/A
SteinsGate 0 R469.00 N/A
Brothers: a Tale of two Sons R89.00 N/A
Infinite Air R469.00 R391.10
Virginia R89.00 N/A
Magika 2 R69.00 N/A
Enter the Gungeon R119.00 N/A
Nights of Azura R469.00 N/A
Hotline Miami R39.00 N/A
Hotline Miami 2 R59.00 N/A
Forestry 2017 R329.00 R266.10
The Bunker R159.00 R127.10
Red Dead Revolver R119.00 N/A
Child of Light R89.00 N/A
Grand Kingdom R329.00 N/A
Root Letter R399.00 N/A
Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force R399.00 N/A
Deadlight R159.00 R126.10
Dear Esther R69.00 N/A
Bastion R69.00 N/A
Exist Archive R549.00 N/A
Tricky Towers R99.00 N/A
Riptide GP: Renegade R49.00 N/A
Riptide GP2 R39.00 N/A
Risk R99.00 N/A
Megadimension Neptunia VII R329.00 N/A
Octodad R89.00 N/A
Agatha Christie R159.00 N/A
The Golf Club R159.00 R104.10
Mighty No. 9 R109.00 R76.10
Dead Nation R99.00 N/A
Psychonauts R69.00 N/A
Max Payne R119.00 N/A
Slender: The Arrival R69.00 N/A
Dungeons 2 R249.00 N/A
Jazzpunk R109.00 N/A
Professional Farmer 2017 R329.00 R266.10
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris R69.00 N/A
Don’t Starve R89.00 N/A
Gal Gun Double Peace R329.00 N/A
Umbrella Corps R159.00 N/A
Zombi R89.00 N/A
Among the Sleep R99.00 N/A
Rabbids Invasion R109.00 N/A
Transistor R89.00 N/A
Valley R129.00 N/A
Just Sing R329.00 N/A
Lifeless Planet R129.00 N/A
Guilty Gear Xrd – Sign R249.00 N/A
Banner Saga R159.00 N/A
SteamWorld Dig R32.00 N/A
SteamWorld Heist R159.00 N/A
Kholat R129.00 N/A
BlazeRush R69.00 N/A
Psycho Pass R399.00 N/A
Bound by Flame R109.00 N/A
LUMO R159.00 N/A
Peggle 2 R89.00 N/A
Rogue Legacy R89.00 N/A
Daylight R89.00 N/A
Republique R205.00 N/A
The Last Blade 2 R89.00 N/A
Titan Souls R89.00 FREE
Risk Urban Assault R99.00 N/A
Awesomenauts R69.00 N/A
Super Star Wars R89.00 N/A
The King of Fighters 2000 R69.00 N/A
Earth’s Dawn R329.00 N/A
Broken Age R159.00 N/A
Claire: Extended Cut R99.00 N/A
Nitro Blastery R249.00 N/A
Amplitude R159.00 R127.10
The Fall R69.00 N/A
Super Stardust Ultra R129.00 N/A
101 Ways to Die R89.00 N/A
Hand of Fate R109.00 N/A
Corridor Z R49.00 N/A
RONIN R89.00 N/A
Party Golf R89.00 N/A
Assault Suit Leymos R159.00 N/A
Hatoful Boyfriend R69.00 N/A
Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star R69.00 N/A
Seraph R99.00 N/A
Neverending Nightmares R99.00 N/A
Act it Out! R54.00 N/A
Tokyo Twilight: Ghost Hunters R399.00 N/A


Deals with Gold Discount Gold Price
Saints Row IV – Re-elected 75% R42.25
Just Sing 50% R294.50
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal 25% R126.75
Mantis Burn Racing 33% R99.83
Earthlock: Festival of Magic 33% R166.83
Tower of Guns 50% R74.50
Fortified 50% R74.50
Binaries 50% R64.50
Castles 25% R48.75



Wii U:

Standard Price Sale Price
Severed R218.00 R152.60
The Swapper R180.00 R23.90
Swords & Soldiers R36.00 R12.20
Abyss R24.00 R12.00
Rush R24.00 R8.15



Steam  (Highlights) Price
The Forest R106.53
Watch Dogs 2 R535.33
Tropico 5 R67.25
Undertale R54.50
Watch Dogs R83.70
Red Faction Guerrilla R54.75
Jotun: Valhalla Edition R79.50
Lucius R40.35
Criminal Girls: Invite Only R164.25
Red Faction Armageddon R54.75
Rising World R119.25

Humble Bundle-2000w

Humble Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle Price to Unlock
Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse Pay what you want
Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Pay what you want
Pony Island Pay what you want
Day of the Tentacle Remastered $6.76
Deadbolt $6.76
Coming Soon $6.76
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action $10
N++ $10

Marko Swanepoel