Posted January 19, 2017 by Ashwar Jacobs in News

Android users to get Super Mario Run in March

Run Android RUN

Rejoice!!! Android users will finally get to play Super Mario Run in March, as confirmed by Nintendo today.

Nintendo Japan broke the news today in the form of a tweet:

Debuting at the Nintendo Event in September, Super Mario Run has since been released on iOS devices on 15 December 2016.  Users play the game by tapping the screen of their smartphones or tablets while Mario runs by himself, with the only control being timing his jumps. Super Mario Run features four modes: World Tour, Kingdom Builder, Toad Rally and Friendly Run.

The game is “free-to-start”, meaning you get to play the first three levels before having to shell out around R140.00 for the rest of the content. You can “March on over” and “pre-register” the game from the Google Play Store, followed with an email notification as to when the game is officially available.

Here’s to Nintendo and the many unproductive hours we’ll be spending making Mario jump!

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