Posted January 23, 2017 by Daniel Viegas in News

Steam adding ability to move Game Install Folders


One of the long requested Steam features is slowly being rolled out. The ability to move files has been found in recent updates of Steam clients. While this function is not universal just yet, it seems that some have a nice new feature waiting for them.

As of this writing there are still a lot of questions surrounding the availability. While running the latest version of Steam the option is currently not available on my client. Others have claimed that it is only part of the Beta yet there is still some debate there. Nevertheless, expect it to hit most users soon.

To find the option to move folders, simply check under the properties of installed games and select the “Local Files” tab. The “Move Install Folder” option is located there. Note that the move is limited to one game at a time so no bulk jobs.


While it is unfortunate that this nice addition has been relegated to a confused launch, it is still welcomed. There are many reasons that juggling files might be for the best like upgrading to a shiny new SSD or simply trying to save some space.

While Steam did allow for installs in locations other than the Steam folder, the ability to move games already installed was always a gamble. While copy and paste was often effective Steam might get itself confused, let alone the fact that it was more effort than it ever needed to be. It is nice to see Steam adding a much requested feature. So go check if you might be one of the lucky few chosen! You go out there move that file back and forth like you own it (because you do)!

Daniel Viegas