Posted January 27, 2017 by Marko Swanepoel in Free Games Vrydag

Free Games Vrydag Winner Gets Evil Residence


Oh sweet mercy it’s Vrydag at long last! We haven’t spoken to each other in a while because January’s game releases were either non-existent or all released in the last week of the month so we didn’t have any juicy free games to give to you beautiful people. But we’re back and it feels good to finally be altruistic again. We value our community so highly and it feels nice to be able to give something back to ya’ll for reading our dumb words about video games. We really do appreciate it. So, how’s the wallet looking? It’s payday for a lot of people today and it must be like sweet mana from heaven because January is notorious for causing people to go on a sudden starvation diet. Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you made it out just fine.

Let’s have a look at what the SA Gamer team has been up to. We’ve been busy pumping out that sweet content for you lot since the start of the year and it’s only going to get more intense from this point on. For reviews this week, Abigail sucked some blood in Sims 4: Vampires and Dawid had a bit of an accident in his pants while reviewing Resident Evil VII (it could be one of two accidents ifyouknowwhatimean) and he also took a blast to the past with Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. We had a detailed Hands-On for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, taking a long look at the new open-world Ubisoft shooter. The Burning Question this week asks if there is one single element in games that you regard above others and Charlie looked at some games that would make great TV series. We also had the best Photoshop job that this website has seen and will ever see for time immemorial.

Now, without further ado, who’s the lucky winner that will traverse the bloody walls of farmhouses and not sleep soundly for a little while? The winner of Resident Evil VII is none other than the devilishly gorgeous:

Anton Nel

Congratulations Anton for winning this amazing prize! We’ll get in contact with you before Monday at the latest to arrange all of the details to get your prize to you! Adult nappies not included, I fear.

Thanks to Ster Kinekor for sponsoring this week’s prize!

And there you have it, the first Free Games Vrydag for 2017 done and dusted. January is almost at an end and the while February doesn’t have too much in terms of games, March will be absolute madness. The Switch will come out and I will possibly disappear after Mass Effect: Andromeda drops. We have some big plans for the future and we can’t wait to bring you lovely folks along for the ride. Remember to keep in contact with us on social media, the lovely forum and in the comment sections bellow. We appreciate every single comment from you beautiful people.

Free Games Vrydag continued next week! Want a hint for what the next game will be? Check out the best photoshop on the website and you’ll have your answer right there.

Marko Swanepoel