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Hands-on: For Honor Closed Beta (PS4)


This past weekend, Ubisoft gave some of us the opportunity to try out their upcoming Medieval combat simulator, For Honor. I had the privilege of playing in the closed Beta, and this is my opinion and experience.

Not just For Honor, but for Glory!

As you start out, For Honor takes you through the mandatory tutorial. It’s pretty well put together, and it takes you through the gameplay mechanics and concepts in the form of a mini mission of some sorts. The mechanics of the game is surprisingly simple, much less complicated than what I initially expected when I first saw the game. The whole game consists of one on one encounters between heroes, which is usually controlled  by people playing the game. You select your target (opponent) by holding L2, only switching between targets with a quick release and then again pressing and holding L2. This is called your guard, and it determines the direction you will be blocking or attacking from.

You can choose the direction of the block or attack by flicking the right analog stick in that direction, it happens quick enough and is very responsive. Attacks come in the form of Light (R1) and Heavy Attacks (R2). You can also try and break your opponent’s guard by pressing Square. There’s of course things to look out for, like your health, or your stamina, which can get depleted by blocking and/or attacking.

hor honor beta
The Beta offered a total of nine heroes to play as, three in each faction, and each of the heroes offer a fun alternative and different play style, which can be tricky to master.

What makes the game interesting and fun is the level of unpredictability, since you’re playing against other human opponents. You need to be able to adapt to other player’s techniques and tactics in order to beat them, and when you do, there’s something very satisfying about it.

For Honor’s closed Beta offered four main modes which was, Dual, Brawl, Death match and Dominion. All of these modes were fun, and going one on one with another person is fun and exhilarating. Dominion however feels like the main event, but unfortunately, I had a hard time getting a match playing the mode. This was a closed beta for For Honor so networking issues is to be expected, but this was a bit excessive. I managed to play only two Dominion matches, but from what I played it was by far the best experience of the game.

The idea is to push forward against the enemy, rallying your troops and also take and defend specific points to gain on the map. Al this while combating other heroes and AI minions. Everything is a bit chaotic, but the tactical aspect of it is great. As I said, I didn’t manage to get enough time with it in order to get a full grip on the mode.

For Domination

For Honor also comes with an interesting mechanic in the form of the faction you decide you want to pledge your allegiance to. While you’re free to pick any hero for combat, you do have to pick a side between the Knights, Vikings or Samurai. How you ultimately do for your faction, influences the world map, and the better the your faction does, the better loot you get at the end of specific periods. The whole system is very interesting, but unfortunately, I didn’t manage to completely comprehend how it works over the course of the weekend.

For Honor looks amazing! The combat is fluid and responsive and for the most part fun. Going up against other players in a one-on-one dual is incredible, and beating them in a tough battle of wits and strength is both exhilarating and rewarding.


For the most part, this game looks very promising and it might be that Ubisoft is on to something. Gameplay might get a bit boring at some point, but if there’s enough support for it, and new content as we go along, it might finally be the online multiplayer game that Ubisoft’s been trying to hard to surprise us with. It has its flaws and it’s not perfect, but I had a lot of fun playing it, which, does say a lot.

The biggest concern I had was the stability of the servers, but this is a closed Beta, so glitches are expected.We just hope that when the full game releases in a little over two weeks from now, that it won’t have any of these issues.


If you had For Honor on your radar, then you might be happy to know that it looks promising. combat is fun and responsive, and it plays very well. The network issues is concerning, but I am confident that it won’t be such a huge issue come launch, and that we’ll be able fight without hassles for our factions and Honor.

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