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Mass Effect Andromeda shows off highly detailed character kits

Andromeda, in my pants

A set of highly detailed character kits were released by BioWare for the upcoming interstellar adventure game Mass Effect: Andromeda. High resolution PDFs were distributed showcasing character models at various angles and zoom levels. You can see some intricate detail work and colour codes.


Four full length character pics rotated too show every side is included, mug shots of face and head, upper- and lower body, back to front, all angles covered. There’s also a Peebee kit detailing the side arm named the Sidewinder, as meticulously documented as the character models.


This kit would be beneficial to the avid cosplayer to ensure they get their costume accurate to the last millimeter. There’s only kits of Cora, Harper, Liam Kost and Peebee available at the moment, but we can expect more character kits in the near future as mention on the BioWare Blog Post.

I’m really excited for this title and the release of these kits have given me insight into what character I’d like to develop first, especially after the detailed character profiles compiled by Gamespot.

Are you excited to embark on this intergalactic pew-pew adventure in your uber detailed space pants? If so watch this new cinematic trailer to get your body ready:

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