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Meet WRAITH017, the person with the most PSN trophies in South Africa


In May last year we chatted to one of the most hardcore ladies you’ll find in gaming here in South Africa, Gamemissy, and today it’s time to look at the person who has a rank of No.1 in South Africa. Search any web site that logs in the trophy count of any PSN player in South Africa and you’ll always find the name of WRAITH017 popping up first, and it’s for good reason – he’s got a whopping 20,821 trophies (by the time you read this it’s probably increased).

Meet Christopher Dodd. On average Christopher earns just over 8 trophies per day and is currently sitting on 368 platinum trophies with titles that include Dark Souls III, Diablo III Reaper of Souls and Wolfenstein: The New Order (and Old Blood) to name but a few. Three days ago I checked his platinum trophy count at 366, and 72 hours later he’s added another 2 platinum trophies to that count. He is currently ranked at 223 in the world. To say that Christopher is a machine is an understatement.

We took some time to sit down and chat to the man behind this accomplishment and to hear how he’s achieved it all.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you recall what the first game was you ever played?

My name is Christopher Dodd, I am 41 years old, married with 3 children and live in Port Elizabeth. The first console game I ever played was Space Invaders on an ATARI

How many hours per day, on average, do you invest in gaming?

Before I started trophy hunting I played 2-3 hours a day but when the bug bit, I spent on average 6-8 hours every day.

Do you have a day job? Where do you get the time to invest?

I do have a Job!! I am in the Signage Industry and as for gaming time… lets just say I’m lucky my wife has a hobby!

We can see you have a thing for Platinum trophies. What has drawn you to complete as many as you have?

Well I always heard people talking about trophies and Platinum Trophies. To be honest, I never knew what they were talking about until one day I asked a guy, who was bragging that he had 5 platinum trophies, “How do you get these platinum trophies?”. He explained it to me and I thought, “Aaaah okay, so you must do certain things blah, blah, blah…”. After that first platinum PLING, the bug bit.


What is the toughest Platinum trophy you’ve ever gone for?

A very difficult question. I have played so many games with quite a few challenging trophies to pop the platinum. eg the trophy “Fire Controller” on Medal of honor took me for ever to get. Call of Duty Classic was Rough. An intense trophy was beating the developers times on Motorstorm Pacific Rift and it goes on and on and on!!

What Platinum trophy are you currently working on?

Working on a few at the moment. I am trying to catch up on my backlog as I have over 7000 unearned trophies.

Is there a Platinum trophy that you’ve given up on?

Never given up on a Platinum but there are a few that are haunting me like Call of Duty:World at War, Dead Space 2 and Wipeout HD (I did get the beat Zeko trophy)

Have you got any tips (for n00bs like us) of how to tackle a Platinum trophy? Do you play it on the most difficult setting right away, or go the easy route for time-based trophies? What works best in your opinion?

There are many ways to tackle a game to earn the Platinum. If you are not worried about the time its going to take you, play the game to enjoy it first and worry about the remaining trophies after you have completed the game. If you are rushing the leaderboard…Then you know its the hardest difficulty, guide ready, head down and charge through it. For me I play the game on hardest difficulty straight away unless there are no difficulty related trophies. One thing I will advise..If you are going for a platinum on a game, stick to that game until you have completed it, otherwise you are going to end up with a backlog.

A huge thanks to Christopher for taking some time to chat to us in his obvious very busy schedule. We’d also like to note that though he has the most trophies in South Africa in total, there is a person who has more platinum trophies than anyone else in SA and that’s someone who goes by the name of ‘gunjack0’, who is sitting on 386 platinum trophies. Overall, however, Chris is ranked higher than any other South African in the world which is a very impressive achievement. To see more on his achievements you can get a look at his profile here.

Now, if only I could get my second platinum trophy…

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